5 Things at a Time that Helped Me Stay Focused

For success, we tend to do lot of things at a time and put ourselves so hard on those terms that we fail to make it till the end. It is always better and been proven since ages that hard effort put right, utilised rightly will surely bring favourable outcomes in life.

All are very much aware of the story of rabbit and turtle, of course everyone knows the bottom-line of story “Slow and steady wins the race”, but none wants the slow process, a steady plan. So, what makes us follow this when need to wait ages for the success?

Here I share with you the steady plan that makes a huge difference on the steps of success, and yeah it won’t make you feel awaited as long as it is taken up seriously!

1. List the tasks that are pending or a fresh one to start with.

Ex: you want to build a habit like waking up early, meditating, exercising, sticking to a routine and so on.

2. Put up a calendar on your journal/personal diary that marks day to day activities to finish up.

I found this app called Notion that really helps to manage the tasks it may be related to work, personal checklist, journal etc…

3. Pick any 5 from the list that seems very much easy for you to start with.

Ex: Suppose say it waking up early, then start by waking up 10 minutes early from your daily routine and slowly increase the minutes and wow you already achieved it by taking a small baby step towards waking up!

Determination and focus is the key to make it happen. Feed the best to your mind and it shall help you grow beyond your known capabilities.

4. And remember any task taken up try following a progress chart, make a chart of your own, mark date and time. Follow for 21 days minimum and maximum 40 days. After that, take next 5 from the list.

No matter what don’t lose focus, yes you may go off track! But you can do it!

Nothing is impossible unless you try give it a new dimension to build in your own mind.

The focus of turtle and the determination in the mind to reach the finish line, made turtle win and left us the bottom-line of the story to think twice on it before jumping to end at very first stage of the plan.




I love writing and scheduling the routines. I am thirsty for reading motivational and self help books. By profession I am a Full Stack Developer.

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Shruti Ghatnatti Eklaspur

Shruti Ghatnatti Eklaspur

I love writing and scheduling the routines. I am thirsty for reading motivational and self help books. By profession I am a Full Stack Developer.

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